The Great Eros

Conceived over a bottle of wine, couple and founders Emilio Ramirez & Christina Viviani had the vision to create a space that felt warm, airy, sensual with a yin and yang balance of masculine and feminine energies. 

Christina Viviani designs The Great Eros collection from the first layer that touches your skin to the outermost details you present to the world.  She creates for the modern individual; effortless, artistic, nuanced, decisive.  The collection is made in Italy with a family owned factory and uses both old world and innovative techniques resulting in superb quality. The result manifests as an array of garments and objects effortless in sentiment and timeless in appeal. Design for daily enjoyment and intimate sharing.

The team works as a cohesive unit, bringing inspiration to the collection.  They are the epitome of a luxury brand heading toward tremendous success, and I am honored to take this ride with them to the top!